Welcome to the seventh edition of LibRE magazine. In this winter edition, we present you some relevant historical stories, an extensive report from the many locations that Europe Remembers on Tour visited in the last months, a farewell interview to our Chairwoman, Victoria van Krieken, and a report from the US students who delivered the first Vectors of Memory of the Liberation Route hiking trail.

We are proud to share with you a wide report, featuring daily videos, from our Europe Remembers on Tour project, which took us to plenty of locations in the last months throughout France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Among others, we were present at the commemorations of the liberation of Paris, Mons and Brussels, along with those for the Operation Market Garden. During our tour, we were lucky enough to meet and interview veterans, historians and young people, each giving us a unique perspective on what the liberation and freedom mean for them.

This issue of LibRE features some special historical stories, including the story of an art collection which was kept in a bomb shelter during the war, the controversial story of the Moroccan Goumiers, a piece on the remembrance of the Polish sacrifice to liberate the Netherlands and a perspective on war abuses during the liberation of Europe.

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We wish you all a good read and happy holidays!

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The Liberation Route Europe Team